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New Wah Pack Paper Product (Dongguan) Co., Ltd ,a large-scale foreign-invested company, is located in No.3 Industrial Park, Huangchong, Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of 100,000 square meters. New Wah Pack has more than 500 employees, with excellent working and living environment. It provides a package of living utilities and entertainment facilities for staffs, such as table tennis court, badminton court and basket ball court, room for karaoke. There is also a library, a clinic and a canteen inside the factory campus, and telephones are installed in each dormitory. Since its establishment in May 2001, New Wah Pack has been playing a leading role in this industry, through constant technical innovations and sound management. Advocating a management philosophy, "Strict Policy Implementation, Cost Control, Quality Focus, People Development", NWP has been well on its way for professionalized and standardized development with a global view.

New Wah Pack possess of the most advanced facilities and test equipments in the industry, which with the characteristic of computerized control system ,high precise and high speed performance, function of interface by computer and manual, these advantages are fully realized at the process of corrugated paper board production, digital process of printing and quality assurance procedure. We have always keep an close eye on the latest development in the line , adopting the leading technic and management approaches in the market in order to guarantee the unsurpassed products quality and services' efficiency.

In order to provide better service for our customer, company set up the after-sales service team and well organized logistics additionally, so that customers in the Delta River area are able to enjoy our excellent 24-hours service. Our mission is delivery our products in a timely manner.


Our Company mainly produces a variety of cartons, color boxes, beer cards, clip boards,paper pallet and other paper packaging products. Well-known companies from domestic and foreign such as Panasonic, Zhentai, Castrol (BP), Samsung Electro-Mechanics, GAC Honda, Shengyi Technology, IKEA, Kyocera, GAC Motor, Baiyin Electronics, Alco Electronics,VTech and Techno Group are all important clients of Newwahpack.
. We boast top-ranking machinery and equipments and excellent facilities. Moreover, we passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 management system certifications in December of 2002.



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