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A. Training Materials

Our Company issues the Training Data every week, which excerpts and compiles articles from books, newspapers and periodicals, digests and records for employees to learn. These articles are closely related to the management, quality, cost, service and productivity of the company. Furthermore, The Very Best examination in respect of the Training Data is held semi-annually to encourage employees to learn and make progress together.

B. Exchanges and Communications between Top Management and Employees

A suggestion box is available in our Company, and various opinions and suggestions are collected, sorted out and followed up by a special person. Every half a year, the top management of our Company would have a frank discussion with all employees. This two-way communication and exchange is aimed at better understanding of employees’ feelings and opinions.

C.Publicity by the Administration Dept. and Wall Newspaper

Culture the quality, service and cost consciousness of all employees through publicity and by instilling various ideas and philosophies. Broaden their minds and optimize their ideas.

D. Birthday Party

Our Company holds a birthday party every month for employees whose birthdays fall in the month.


E. Singing Competition

An Inspirational Songs Chorus Competition is held yearly with the participation of all employees according to departments.


F.Company Vision

Our Company cherishes a love for the nature and is determined to give back to the Country and the society. With professional expertise and quality management, we are devoted to creating wealth and seeking happiness for all employees. By constantly improving our competitiveness, we offer all-round packaging services and strive to become a reliable partner to all customers.

G. 14 Company Values

1. Honor     2. Responsibility    3. Commitment 4. Consistence 5. Perfection
6. Passion    7. Innovation     8. Love     9. Tolerance    10. Being grateful  
11. Giving out  12. Mutual help  13. Inspiring    14. Win-win 




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